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Who Tends The Flag In Golf Playing?

Monday, February 5, 2018

Long ago, people have been using flagstick as an easily visible indicator for golf players to determine their golf holes. However, nowhere in the Rule 17, titled “The Flagstick”, does give any exact information about which acts are allowed and which acts are prohibited in a round of golf.
Obviously, if the book of rules attempted to explain any possible purposes and reasons, it would no longer be a pocket-sized book. So here, in brief, are the reasons behind the flagstick rules that generally happen in a match. This golf instruction article will show you overview about these rules

Flagstick’s original use

Any player within striking distance must be well aware of their golf hole location. Therefore, all courses are supposed to provide the use of flagstick in a match and anything else that can help the players easily determine their goals. For visible purpose, golf players from off the green can have the flagstick left in the hole or held up over to see it clearly

Strict rules and etiquette related to flagstick

Unlike billiards, golf players on the putting green are required to roll the ball into the cup installed at the bottom of the flagstick without bouncing the flag off or anything else. Therefore, if you make your shot whilst on green and the ball hits the flagstick, you will take a 2-stroke penalty.
Besides, there’s a scoring system in golf called match-play (as opposed to stroke-play) where you are allowed, without any penalty, to strike any other player’s ball on the green. As a result, in match-play, nearly almost golfers on the green mark and lift their ball up after each stroke.
On the other hand, in stroke-play, if you dishonestly ask your partner, or a conspiratorial caddie, to intentionally deflect other golfers’ ball direction by manipulating or laying the flagstick. The penalty will be the loss of that hole for match-play and two strokes added to your score for stroke-play.

Other distractions

On a large course, the golf players are said to be easily negatively affected by any visual distraction. Therefore, it’s considered a breach of rules if you attend, hold the flagstick or lift it up without any authorization to do so; this is absolutely against the stipulation of Rule 17. Another instance of distraction is that people absent-mindedly attend the flagstick while the ball is played from off the green; reversely, thatpeople don’t attend or lift the flag up while the ball is played on the green; the two instances will result in a 2-stroke penalty for the player.
In short, to put Rule 17 in neat, below are some important reminders before taking a round of golf, especially in professional golf.
·                 You have the right to have the flagstick lifted from any location
·                 You won’t be penalized if you strike the flagstick with a ball played from off the green
·                 If you strike the flagstick with the ball struck from on the green, you are responsible for a 2-stroke penalty or you have to lose your score on that hole
If you don’t have authority, you’re not allowed to attend any flagstick for anyone (But if you do so and no one disagrees before the stroke, then no one can protest afterwards)
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