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The Popularity Of Golf In Viet Nam

Monday, November 6, 2017

Golf has recently gained popularity among adults not only over the world but also in Vietnam. In this blog, let’s discover the top five impressive golf clubs and golf rules in Vietnam.

Number 1. Da Lat Palace Golf Club, the oldest golf club in Vietnam. Located in romantic and beautiful scenery in Da Lat city, this club is also famous for its history. It was designed by a well-known architecture E. Hébrard in 1923 under the King Bao Dai. It was then upgraded in 1990, and from then it is known as one of the greatest courses with 18 holes in Vietnam. The golf course here is designed with many various terrains such as sloop, water areas, tree, which are really impressive.
Number 2. Vinpearl Da Nang Golf Club. It is a 18-hole ground with above 150 ha in Da Nang, the most worthy city to live in Vietnam. Basing on the geography of a coastal city, the golf course here is designed with sand, marshy land, forest, and even sea creatures.  Besides, due to the location, golf players can admire the view of surroundings while playing golf. That may be the reasons why Vinpearl Da Nang Golf club annually attracts thousands of members.
Number 3. Vinpearl  Nha Trang Golf Club- the most challenging club in Vietnam. Located in Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang Province, it became Vietnam's first international standard golf course. This golf ground brings unforgettable experience for players when it is sited in the romantic valley, nearby a long white sand of 800 meters. The length of the course is approximately 7,000 yard with the total area of over 182 ha. The tee box is almost in the upper area, which helps players have excellent vision for hits.
Number 4. Another Vinpearl Group’s golf club is listed here. That is Phu Quoc Golf Club. Located in the complex of Phu Quoc Resort and Villas, it is well known for the view when architectures took advantages of the nature here. The course is equipped with 27 holes, and the area of over 100 ha with endless greens and impressive terrains. Golfers would feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are embraced by the nature, by sun, wind, white sand and greens here.
Number 5. Located in Ho Chi Minh city, Golf & Country Club is well known for events or golf matches held here. Golf & Country Club, originally called Thu Duc Golf Club, is divided into 2 wards: East and West. There are 18 holes in each ward with about 72 kinds of clubs. Designed by a Taiwan architecture, the club opened in December, 1994 with the area of over 300 ha. The club attracts around 500 players on weekends. Here is also the place to organize Vietnam’s first extended non-professional tournament.
Besides the top five famous golf clubs mentioned above, there are many other clubs being designed across Vietnam to meet the demand of golf players nowadays. I then believe that there are more impressive clubs in the future. Let’s enjoy golf now!
Source: Mr Reviewers

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