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History Of Golf

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

There are many sports which are famous for their strength, endurance and fierce competition such as boxing or free material arts and so on. However, there are sports which is professional, gentle and interesting such as golf. 

Golf is a ancient sport lasting until now. It has developed and adopted to suit our era. Golf is a sport using clubs to hit balls into many holes from a far distance on different terrains. Many people believed golf originated from Scotland. However, historians still debate on real history of golf. 

Games using sticks and balls appeared in 2600 BC in central Egypt. In many ancient tombs, people found out some pictures and relives showing men with sticks and balls. Name of this sport is still unknown, however, people assume it has been brought  to Mediterranean by trading. 

Ancient Greek continued traditional game with balls and had many relives describing a sport similar to hokey.  

Researchers links golf with Paganica-an ancient Roman game, in which a wooden ball or feather ball was hit by wooden sticks. Roman balls was bigger than today golf balls, their diameter was about 15cm. Aim of Paganica was hitting the ball into a pointed goal, a rock or a tree. 

All historians agreed the word 'golf' diverted from ancient German word 'colf' or 'colve' which means a stick used in a game with ball named kolven.

People believe Scotch added holes on ground to this game and changed rules of it. They turned it into a personal game.
The game with stick and ball became popular in England in early 1500s and was considered a game of dominant class. 

In Europe, modern golf was first recorded on the second of March 1672 in east Lothian, Scotland. 

Nearly 200 years later, 18 hole golf course standard was created in St Andress, Scotland. Actually, it was dropped down from 22 hole golf course. It was not recognized until 17 of October 1860, the day the first golf tournament was held - Open golf tournament- in Ayrshire. 
For more information about golf rules, you can visit here

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