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Top 5 things to look for when buying a radar detector

Monday, May 30, 2016

When you choose a radar detector, there are many things that you need to weigh between. Sometimes it can cause a lot of confusion and frustration. In order to keep yourself away from such hassles, reading some radar detector reviews might be one way. But what if I can give you a more detailed guide than what a review can offer? Continue reading this and I assure you that you will feel much clearer.

If you have to choose a laser/radar detector, choose the one that has…

High Sensitivity

The best radar detector should be the one which is highly sensitive, meaning that it can pick up and give alerts to weak and distant signals. Therefore, look for those with DSP technology like the Escort Max 360.

Excellent Selectivity

If an advertisement says you’re buying the best radar detector, pay attention to its selective ability. This means that the equipment must be capable of detecting and picking up the right signals and shutting out the rest. Read some Escort Max 360 reviews to know why I’m recommend it again for this feature.

Superior Alert System

An alert system of a decent radar detector should be easy to use and to understand. It’ll be useless if a system requires a long time until the driver can figure out, for example, the direction of threats. Choose those that has simple design of the monitor with big number and symbols. Or if you have more money to spare, those with arrow indicators may be more expensive but will be worth it as you can grasp the threat’s direction at a glance.

Full Coverage of Radar and Laser

Paying a good amount of money on radar detector, you are rightful to ask for a full coverage of laser and three common bands (X, K and Ka). That detector must be able to detect conventional and “instant-on” as well as “POP” signals.

Quality and Ease of Use

A high-quality radar detector will show through the materials that ensure durable suction cup mounts and cords, and through the designs with clear visible display, intuitive control.

In short, unless you are going to buy a radar detector less than $100, pay close attention to the features above and I can assure you a perfect experience driving with a radar detector that meet all those criteria. My recommend radar detector is Escort Max 360

All About Radar Guns And How A Radar Detector Works

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Talking about the term “radar”, it was firstly developed in a few countries prior to the Second World War. At that time, radar was just an acronym created by the US Navy to aim for particular equipment helping to detect the speed, range as well as the tendency of the targets. Up to now, the term “radar” has been entered into the Standard English and got some more benefits such as being the best radar detector to support the drivers avoid speed ticket from the policies
Some basic facts about the radar guns

What is radar gun?

To keep the traffic on roads always be ordinary and unlogged, the governments have set up the traffic law and ask every citizen to enforce. However, in spite of the law, there are still some individuals want to be out of it. This is the reason why the radar guns were born which is a device used by police to calculate the vehicle speed, for instance, the trucks, taxies, and cars.
On the other hand, these special guns is also utilized in some sports games to calculate the tennis services’ speed, the same with runners and in some cases, are the baseball pitches. 

How does a radar gun work?

This device works based on the Doppler Effect, which uses the microwaves to calculate the objects’ speed. In technically, this particular gun will transmit the radio wave as well as the moving objects’ signal bounces off to return them back to the radar guns. The key element here to change the radio signals is the moving objects’ speed. The differences between the returned signals and the original ones will be interpreted to the gun as the objects’ speed. The very first radar gun taken into operation was in 1954 to calculate the speed, target the over speed cars and set the law enforcement on them. Up to now, this device has been used popularly and developed with a lot of advances.


In the past, people usually called it as the Light Detection and Ranging because this device used the light to calculate the space, the speed, and the other properties even though it was also affected by the Doppler Effect. Nowadays, the lidar is in use for the purposes of archeology, meteorology, robotics and many other applications. And because of many advances that the radar speed guns, in some countries, the police agencies choose to use the lidar ones instead.

How does a Radar Detector Work?

Since the 1970s, a very first radar detector was launched to meet the demand of many drivers who wanted to play cat and dog with the policemen. At that time, its structure was very simple, looked like a radio receiver but the only difference was that instead of receiving the FM radio broadcasts, this device was tuned to get the radio waves emitted from the radar guns. From that point, if the policemen turned on the radar gun, the radar detector would detect it and alarm its owner to avoid the speed ticket. This process is still worked up to now and presented clearly in many radar detectors such as Escort Max 360. You can search on the internet to get the Escort Max 360 review to get more information.  

The Review Of The Escort Passport S55

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The radar detector is no more the strange concept for people who mainly move by car. This equipment can make a great contribution to raising people’s awareness of the traffic law as well as help people avoid some unexpected troubles with the police. This equipment is responsible for notifying about the police radar and the position of the traffic light. There are a huge number of the radar detectors that you can make a choice of. We can take the escort passport s55 is the great illustration.

As we knew, the escort is one of the most reputable brands in the world which has gained the popularity in the world. The radar detector of the escort brands has become the best seller products in the market. The escort passport s55 is the newest version of this brand because it is the personal label version which is just sold on the internet. It means that you cannot go to the stores or the shops in all over the world to make a payment for this radar detector. What you need to do is to find out the detail information about it online and then order it. You have to provide your detailed address and then they will deliver it to your house. The escort passport s55 is considered as the best radar detector.
Although the features of the escort passport s55 surpass all another version of this reputable brand, people still like it because its price is reasonable that all people can have enough money to purchase it. People usually consider this radar detector as the best radar detector in the market which has become the best seller product for a very long time. This radar detector is very beneficial for the user because it can provide you the right warnings about the police, so you can make an adjustment for your action. Generally speaking, many people worry about the wrong alerts because they think that there is nothing to make for sure that the radar detector will not give them the wrong notification. However, this viewpoint is not really true. The escort passport s55 can put an end to their worry because it has the ability to block the false alerts.
In addition, the escort passport s55 has the voice alerts that you do not need to watch the screen read the information of the notification. You can focus on your works on driving the car and listen to the notification of the radar detector when you are close to the speed traps or other things.

In the nutshell, we do hope that you can have more knowledge as well as information about the radar detector. To opt for the best radar detector, you can refer to the radar detector reviews to have a deeper understanding of it. Hopefully, in the future, you will get the best one which can meet your needs.

Whether The Radar Detecting Phone Apps Is Illegal Or Not?

For many years, the radar detector has gained the popularity to become the most necessary equipment for the car. In this day and time, people usually make a payment for this device because they think that it is very beneficial for the in the process of driving the car. Due to the importance of the radar detector, the manufacturers have a tendency to produce the applications for the users to connect their phone to the radar detector. This equipment is illegal in many countries; therefore, people usually feel confused whether the radar detecting phone apps is illegal or not.
A few months ago, some people said that the drivers take the use of the phone applications to avoid the speed traps or the red light cameras as well as the sobriety checkpoint. It is frank to say that we need to depend on the law of each nation to identify that whether using the application of the radar detector is the criminal or not.

In terms of the finance, using this application is the best way to say money because it can prevent you from violating the traffic law. This application has the ability to keep up with the latest technology in the world. You can receive the notification with your phone and you do not need to look at the radar detector to read the alerts. Furthermore, you can pair your phone with the radar detector to update the new version of the application when it is necessary. 
However, we evaluate this application in another aspect such as the law enforcement. In Virginia or Washington, the drivers have no right to take the advantage of the mechanism or the devices to detect the sign of the police or the radar detector of the police. It means that you will be punished if they realize your actions.

Although the radar detector can bring a huge number of the benefits to the users, people don’t know how to select the proper radar detector for their vehicle. In fact, all of the radar detectors have the same functions which have various unique features. These features of the radar detectors can be suitable for your vehicle. In this day and time, with the development of the technology, the radar detector will be picked up in the X, Ka, or K band. If you want to make a choice of the best radar detector, you should take everything into the consideration to make for sure that it can meet all your requirements. You can make a choice of the escort max 360 because this device is the newest model of this reputable brand. Before buying, you should refer to the escort max 360 reviews to have a clearer understanding.

In the nutshell, with this sharing, we do hope that you can understand more about this equipment. You can read the radar detector reviews to know more about it. Wish that this information is useful for you. 

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