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Escort Passport Max 2 – Will People Forget It ?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

That is the question when the best among the best appear in the market. Escort Max 360 really create a new revolution in this market. There is the first time when a radar detector has GPS, directional arrows, community sharing. That’s incredible. Escort never stop updating their product. That’s why they can create great device like Max 360. While Valentine One V1 has trouble in inserting false alert filter features into product system. Escort Max 360 deal with it. The market share from Escort will be biggest in the next few months. However, beginning a new age means that you should end an old age. Old age here means Escort Passport Max 2. The device is known as the best radar detector at this time. We have no doubt about that information. Look at features it give to you from community sharing, Global Positioning System, Auto Learn technology to Digital Signal Processing which can enhance range and accuracy for you. They are best and newest features in the market. This devices also receive a lot of awards as one of the best technology in car accessories industry. But now, what happen with a legend like Escort Passport Max 2. Let’s check to know.

The Appearance Of Escort Max 360

Escort Max 360 has the same brand with Escort Max 2. That is Escort. However, when you have two big product in a brand. The better one will win. In this situation, Escort Max 360 is the winner. This radar detectors is really the difference from others one in the market. Max 360 can do all things. A guy with the combination of perfect features. Escort Max 360 is a new guy in this market. However, his father Escort is not a new guy. He is one of the most famous guy in this industry. Which radar detector brands can say they are better than Escort. No one. With the his father famous, Escort Max 360 easily attract customer to it. That is the good news for Escort. However the bad news is Escort Passport Max 2 -  the famous other will be forgotten soon in the near future. However , when reading two reviews ( Escort Max 360 review and Escort Passport Max 2 review), we will know actually the only difference between them is about directional arrows. But I believe that almost customer won’t believe that and think Escort Max 360 is more outstanding than Escort Passport Max 2

Why Customer Forget About This Product

The answer is depend on Escort marketing strategy. If Escort Max 360 is advertised as the completely different device when compared with Escort Passport Max 2, they will loose a lot customer who love this device. You think people will buy Escort Max 360. Yes, but if other brands release a product which has Directional detections arrows, their old customer will consider between Escort Max 360 and that product. So it is not really a completely good news for Escort when their customer soon forget about Escort Passport Max 2.

What Driver Need To Buy and Must Buy For Their Vehicles

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vehicles like car or truck are really luxury properties. It can cost up to thousand and million dollars. So buying car means you should prepare many things for your car. One of them is accessories. It’s true when we said car is not perfect . What make a car perfect is car accessories. So choosing a good car accessories like choosing a good car. It very difficult to choose a good one at first time and you need to spend a lot time to read radar detector reviews, GPS reviews or car alarm reviews. But if you have good preparation, what is waiting for you is the perfect result from your car. We have many reasons why we need to buy car accessories. But we will talk about this subject in other articles. Now we will talk about accessories you need to buy and must buy to make sure that your car has the best form to drive and to use.

Must Buy

Radar Detector

Radar Detector is the first item on must-buy accessories. The simple reason why I choose this device in this list is about the role of this device. Radar detector will never let you feel  that you are in dangerous zone. Radar detector will warn beforehand. Oh, sorry, I forget telling you about what is radar detector. In conclusion, radar detector is a device which used for reading and receiving signals. But what make a reading and receiving device become the most important device in our list. The reason is about what radar detector read and receive. Do you want to hear the answer. Yes I will tell you right now. What radar detector is able to read is radar speed gun signals. Is it nonsense. No, it is very meaningful for you and drivers. Radar detector can collect those information and tell you with it’s display. Because of signal reading ability, radar detector won’t let any police officer catch you. What does it mean? It means police won’t have a chance to defeat and write speeding ticket for you. The best radar detector like Escort Max 360 can show you more than that. Do you hear the location of signal tracking feature. Radar detector like Valentine One V1 and Escort Max 360 can do t easily. So do you think I’m right when I choose this device as the must-buy device. Let’s comment if you have another ideals.

Need To Buy

The first item appear on need to buy list is car alarms. Although it is not important than radar detector, you can consider buying this device because it can give you many backup plan for your car. Why I said backup plan. That is because your car can be in danger situation anytime. Do you know what time a thieves spend to steal a car. That is about one minute. So you need to prepare one thing if something bad happen to your car. Car alarm is ideal selection. Car alarm will give your car status anytime and anywhere. Car alarm can show exactly what happen to your car ex “ If someone touch the door, car alarm will show the message someone  touch your car door”. In the worst situation, car alarm can stop your car anytime you want. That is the way you can take your car back with car alarm.

Escort Max 360 You Will Love It Before Too Long

Radar detector is not a strange word with use. Radar detector is popular word and always in hot trend in google or bing search. The important role of this device let people love this device. Let’s see in the past, tell me you can avoid police and radar gun. “By eye “ that is almost answer I hear from this question. Radar detector in the past seem to be unnecessary device. Seem like we treat unfairly with this device. Nowadays people have change their mind about radar detector. Because nothing can help driver better than device and only radar detector is allowed by Unites States law allowed in almost States. Therefore,  a lot of radar detector reviews appear. They review many radar detectors.  Do you read their radar detector review and choose for you a good devices. In my opinion, at this time it’s difficult to choose a radar detector which is better than Escort Max 360. I have many reasons why I choose this device and don’t choose the others. Do you want to hear  those reasons. Let’s check my Escort Max 360 review. I bet that you will love this article. This article will show you pros and cons of Escort Max 360 – the best radar detector now.

Why We Have To Choose Escort Max 360

Don’t look at the price of this device. You will be shock.  Instead of looking at the price. You can look at the specs of this device. Escort Max 360 is the device which is equipped with OLED device. That is very useful for whom want to check information clearly. OLED display will give you true definition image. Your car status will be showed correctly and clearly in this device. OLED display of Escort Max 360 can give you special options which you never see in other products . OLED display will let you choose between personal setting  and default setting. It will have more than 9 personal settings. That means you can choose the perfect setting you like in Escort Max 360. If you are not a expert, let’s choose a simple display setting. Escort Max 360 has novice settings for beginner and expert settings for whom experience with radar detector
Display is not the only reason why we choose Escort Max 360. That is about the features and technology Escort Max 360 can offer for you. This device now is equipped with best technology from previous version and in an Escort Max 360 review, we must talk about those features. That is Escort Live, GPS and Auto Learn. They are perfect for any driver. With those technologies, Escort Max 360 can easily find targets which is further than you about thousand miles ( Escort Live ) or you can receive easily information of radar speed gun or almost report is made by Escort Max 360 is absolutely accurate with support features like Auto Learn or GPS

New Feature

But Escort Max 360 has more than best old features. Now Escort decide use a competitor technology for Escort Max 360. What I mean here is directional arrows. Directional arrows will check left right, up down for you. With this features you not only can see the warning from police radar gun with great distance but you also can know where radar speed gun come from.

Valentine One V1 – Pro And Cons Of The Superstar

Monday, February 15, 2016

What does a radar detector mean to you. Do you feel a radar detector is like a normal device. Think again, radar detector should be your guard. Why? Because this guard won’t let you down in any situation. Radar detector is the device you can trust at all time. This device is very helpful especially you are a driver. Radar detector has vary features and the performance of each radar detector is different. However you can choose the right radar detector if you follow this article. This article will show one of the best radar detector in this market now. The device I tell you is Valentine One V1 – the superstar among best radar detectors now. Want to know reason why we choose this superstar then you should check this Valentine One review to know.

Why Valentine One V1 is the best radar detector

Simple question and many answers for this question. Radar detector is the device depend on range when performing. The longer range it has , the more effective it is. If you choose a perfect radar detector based on this idea, let’s me tell you a secret. Valentine One V1 is the one of the longest range radar detector now. Look at the specs, you will know the reason. Valentine One is equipped with the most sensitive part. What does it mean to you. It’s very meaningful for driver like us. Because with the most sensitive part, Valentine One V1 really can detect problems which is far away. You don’t need to care about distance about you and police. With Valentine One V1 detection performance, this radar detector will ensure the range when you receive warning will be enough to avoid radar speed gun and police. No way, police can catch you . So you already had a reason why Valentine One V1 is the best radar detector.
Reason 2 is about directional arrows. Unlike other radar detector which only give you the signal or yes no warning. Valentine One V1 is the kind of radar detector which can answer exactly where the signal come from and which way is the safest way for you. 3 directional arrows will help you to find out the problem-free way. What does 3 directional arrows stand for? It stands for beside , up and down direction. With those direction, you really can know what happen with you if you go in this direction.

Cons of This Device

The biggest disadvantage is about the false alert filter system. Unlike newest radar detector in the market now. Valentine One V1 tell the customer that this brand never use GPS technology to use for their product. Why? Because they think that GPS can make mistake for best products. But it’s the big mistake from Valentine One V1. GPS and other false alert filter system make the warning become more accurate than before. One more thing is about the sensitivity. This radar detector is really one of the best most sensitive radar detector. However it’s not good for accurate warning. More sensitive will give more warning than other radar detectors.  

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