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Why You Should Drive With Valentine One V1

Monday, January 4, 2016

Valentine One is not the simple radar detector but this radar detect is very easy to use. This radar detector is combination between innovation and accuracy. This radar detector can give you more information than other radar detector. You can’t find a radar detector which can give full information about radar speed gun for you like Valentine One V1. This radar detector is the perfect option for someone looking for comprehensive solution to avoid radar speed gun and speeding ticket. Now let’s check Valentine One V1 review.

Valentine One V1 Detection


Valentine One V1 is a radar detect which can give full protection for you when driving on the street. Valentine One V1 has best radar detector feature which can give you the safest way to avoid radar speed gun and police. First Valentine One V1 can detect all radar speed gun bands. Let’s take a look what bands Valentine One V1 can detect. It can detect X band, K band , Ka band in United States , Canada and it can detect Ku band which is available in Europe. Trust me, Valentine One V1 can detect with the great accuracy and long range thanks to newest technology from Valentine One V1 radar detector brand. But detecting in all bands is not all thing Valentine One V1 got. Valentine One V1 can do more than detecting signal and tell you report. Let’s check to know what it can do.

Valentine One V1 Special Feature

Can you guess the special feature of Valentine One V1. The name of feature is Direction detection. This feature will completely tell you comprehensive information about radar speed gun. Other radar detector only give you signal about the appearance of this device. Valentine One with different level will tell you another story about those radar speed gun. It will give full report for you with this special feature. Directional detection will immediately detect and find out the exact location of radar speed gun whenever Valentine One V1 read the signal. But the question is how it can show you direction from you to the threat. Can you see 3 arrows in the Valentine One V1 display. 3 arrows will show you exactly direction from you to radar speed gun. 3 arrows is beside , up and down direction. 3 arrows will be your best friend if you purchase Valentine One V1 radar detector. Now you will get enough information to know which is the safest road to drive and which is dangerous road you shouldn’t drive. This special feature make Valentine One V1 become one of the best radar detector in radar detector market now. At this time there are only 2 radar detector has this feature. They are Valentine One V1 and Escort Max 360. That’s why driver choose Valentine One V1 although this radar detector cost up to $450. But if you can try this radar detector special feature , you will know why Valentine One V1 is not worthy.

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