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Top 3 radar detector now

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Radar detector is no doubt as the best device for car at this time. A radar detector is like a person which can solve all problem. Choosing radar detector now is not easy task. You should consider a lot of thing. Price, features, range , false alert filter system. There are million things we should care about radar detector. But what if you have enough budget to buy high end radar detector. Which one you will buy. Let’s me choose for you top 2 radar detector now. They are best radar detectors at this time. Buying them won’t make you disappointed. Let’s check them ( Escort Max 360 review and Valentine One V1 review)

Escort Max 360

Max 360 is the difference between high end radar detector and low end radar detector. Escort Max is the newest and the perfect radar detector at this time. Escort Max 360 can beat all their competitor with great detection features. Escort Max 360 has 2 features to improve detection ability. Those are DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ) and Escort Live . While DSP can enhance your range to maximum range protection, Escort Live can show you the report about radar speed gun in anywhere you want to know. Why Escort Live can do that. Because this feature is like a social community sharing. People will share what they know and receive what they don’t know. When combined with GPS, this feature is very powerful. Let’s think you are in this situation. You have Escort and wherever you go you can research what threat near you with Escort Live in real time. So I believe with Escort Live and GPS feature, no police can write the speeding ticket for you. With a lot of features , the title the best radar detector now is really suitable for Escort Max 360. Don’t trust me, just try this radar detector and you will love it.

Valentine One V1

Valentine One V1 is simply the tradition radar detector. The task of this radar detector is detect with the longest range it can. As you know Valentine One V1 can solve the hard question about detection range easily. Expert said that Valentine One V1 can reach the great range which no radar detector can reach that limit.  They don’t expose the secret why this radar detector has a great range. Valentine One V1 is also one of the most sensitive radar detector at this time. Because of the great sensitivity , Valentine One V1 can detect all kinds of threats. Although police use laser radar speed gun, it is so easy job to detect it with Valentine One V1. But because of the great sensitivity, Valentine One will have more false alert than other radar detector. Valentine One radar detector know that and they fix with a creative function. Auto sensitivity switch. With Auto sensitivity switch, Valentine One V1 will know which location need to be adjusted to maximum sensitivity, which location need to be adjusted to minimum sensitivity. With this function, you don’t need to do any thing. Let’s the Valentine One V1 help you remove false alert.


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