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Some Tips To Choose The Best Radar Detector Option

Sunday, December 27, 2015

So do you know how a radar detector affect your money and time. It affect a lot. Without radar detector, you will lost a lot of money and waste a lot of time for working with police. With radar detector, you will have another story. Radar detector will create a new chapter for your driving story. No more fear about police, no more fear about radar speed gun and no more fear about speeding ticket. Radar detector is your new savior. Radar detector can cut down thousand dollar per year just by reading signal from radar speed gun. Radar detector is the only way to detect threat for you in the street. However choosing radar detector is not an easy task. Choosing radar detector is very difficult for newbies. You should consider a lot of thing, a lot of features, a lot of function. If you have unlimited budget, let’s choose the best radar detector which can cost up to $600. However if you have limited budget, you need to read our article to know some tips which is very helpful for you to choose the right radar detector option. Now let’s check my article

Tip 1: Choose Good Laser Detection

You should remember that you should choose a good laser radar detector. Why? Because nowadays laser radar speed gun is used in almost police station. That’s means you will face this device soon. The laser radar speed gun is very dangerous for device. Unlike other radar speed gun, laser radar speed gun is impossible to detect with a long range for cheap radar detector. Laser radar speed gun has unique technology which can hide them self from any radar detector. But that is old story. Today radar detector market has a lot of radar detector which can detect laser radar speed gun. The cost between $100 to $500. Don’t buy a radar detector which is under $100. It will be disaster for you. A radar detector under $100 can’t cut down your cost. It will be very useless in laser radar speed gun situation. In America, you can’t detect laser radar speed gun means you will pay a lot of money for police soon. Do you want to know which is the best laser radar speed gun at this time. It must be Escort Max 360 ( you can read Escort Max 360 review at for more detail).

Tip 2: Choose Good False Alert Filter System

Choose A radar detector which has good false alert filter system is very important. Why ? Because with good false alert filter system, you don’t need to be stressful about false alert. If you choose a good false alert filter radar detector, your radar detector can remove false alert for you easily. You don’t need to do any thing. Let’s your radar detector do that for you. One of the best radar detector false alert filter feature is GPS. You should consider about this feature. Because this feature not only detect false alert location but it also can remove it for you easily. Auto Learn and Escort Live are also the best false alert filter feature. When purchasing a radar detector, please take a look on those features, it will be very helpful for you to choose the good radar detector option.

Top 3 radar detector now

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Radar detector is no doubt as the best device for car at this time. A radar detector is like a person which can solve all problem. Choosing radar detector now is not easy task. You should consider a lot of thing. Price, features, range , false alert filter system. There are million things we should care about radar detector. But what if you have enough budget to buy high end radar detector. Which one you will buy. Let’s me choose for you top 2 radar detector now. They are best radar detectors at this time. Buying them won’t make you disappointed. Let’s check them ( Escort Max 360 review and Valentine One V1 review)

Escort Max 360

Max 360 is the difference between high end radar detector and low end radar detector. Escort Max is the newest and the perfect radar detector at this time. Escort Max 360 can beat all their competitor with great detection features. Escort Max 360 has 2 features to improve detection ability. Those are DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ) and Escort Live . While DSP can enhance your range to maximum range protection, Escort Live can show you the report about radar speed gun in anywhere you want to know. Why Escort Live can do that. Because this feature is like a social community sharing. People will share what they know and receive what they don’t know. When combined with GPS, this feature is very powerful. Let’s think you are in this situation. You have Escort and wherever you go you can research what threat near you with Escort Live in real time. So I believe with Escort Live and GPS feature, no police can write the speeding ticket for you. With a lot of features , the title the best radar detector now is really suitable for Escort Max 360. Don’t trust me, just try this radar detector and you will love it.

Valentine One V1

Valentine One V1 is simply the tradition radar detector. The task of this radar detector is detect with the longest range it can. As you know Valentine One V1 can solve the hard question about detection range easily. Expert said that Valentine One V1 can reach the great range which no radar detector can reach that limit.  They don’t expose the secret why this radar detector has a great range. Valentine One V1 is also one of the most sensitive radar detector at this time. Because of the great sensitivity , Valentine One V1 can detect all kinds of threats. Although police use laser radar speed gun, it is so easy job to detect it with Valentine One V1. But because of the great sensitivity, Valentine One will have more false alert than other radar detector. Valentine One radar detector know that and they fix with a creative function. Auto sensitivity switch. With Auto sensitivity switch, Valentine One V1 will know which location need to be adjusted to maximum sensitivity, which location need to be adjusted to minimum sensitivity. With this function, you don’t need to do any thing. Let’s the Valentine One V1 help you remove false alert.

Car Alarm Vs Radar Detector

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Both Car alarm and radar detector are top car security device at this time. They are best device which can warn you before you have trouble. Car alarm will warn you whenever someone want to disturb your car. Radar detector will warn you before you meet police and have trouble with them. They are the most important device for car nowadays. Without them, you will get a lot of risk from thief and police. Today we make an article about them to let you know the important of Radar detector and car alarm. We also tell you know that which is the best radar detector and the best car alarm. Now let’s check this article.

Escort Max 360 - Radar Detector

First , we will tell you the story about radar detector. Did you know how important of a radar detector. How it can affect your pocket. The answer is so much. Without radar detector, you will pay so much and when you have radar detector you will save a lot. Radar detector work based on finding problem you will have with police ( usually radar speed gun ). Radar detector will make you know beforehand. You will know what will happen to you if you go in this direction. Let’s talk about the money. If you don’t use radar detector , you will have a lot of chance to be caught by police then you will receive a ticket which is called speeding ticket. That is how you lost your money. Radar detector can’t stop this flow. It will warn you whenever you meet the police so that you don’t need to pay anything for police.
Best radar detector now? I think Escort Max 360 is the best candidate. Let’s read the Escort Max 360 review article, you will realize that this product level is word class. You can’t find out any thing better than Escort Max 360 at this time. However , because this is the best radar detector at this time so that what you will pay for this superstar is very much. But if you own this radar detector, you will find out that this radar detector is worthy. Because Escort Max 360 born to become the perfect product. With features of Escort Max 360, you can feel very satisfied. In this article , I will show you the greatest feature of Escort Max 360. The name of this feature is arrow directional detection. If you read Escort Max 360 review in radar detector famous website, you can realize that expert appreciated this feature. Why? Because this feature is just simply the best feature ever. It can make you feel like you can have all information about police. With 4 arrow stand for 4 direction , Escort Max 360 will show you exactly the direction of threat, direction of safe location. Now you have another reason why Escort Max 360 is the top radar detector at this time.

Viper-Car Alarm

Looking for a device that can warn you before someone disturb your car. Car alarm is the device like that. With car alarm , you can find out whether threat comes to your car or not. A car alarm is like a security. When you nearly have trouble with your car ( thief try to steal your car), car alarm will warn you immediately. You will have a remote then it will make a lot of sound when anyone try to disturb your car. The sound will be loud enough to wake up you. But that is not all thing Car alarm can do for you. What happen if your car is stolen. It’s time for car alarm performance. Some car alarm can have a feature which is called starter kill. When starter kill is active, your car engine will stop working immediately and that how’s you can take back your car. The question is which one is the best car alarm. I will choose Viper. In a lot of website, Viper is voted as the best car alarm because it has all features which will give the best performance for any car alarm. They are starter kill, siren , 2 way paging ,siren and a lot of top best features. Trust me, at this time, no car alarm can be better than Viper.

Escort Max 360 – New Hope For Driver

Sunday, December 6, 2015

First impression when you read Escort Max 360 review, that should be the perfect radar detector. As you know, Escort Max 360 comes to radar detector industry with the dream of Escort. The dream can take all the radar detector market. Look at what Escort do. Escort buy Beltronics radar detector brand – one of the most famous radar detector brand at this time and now they release one of the most successful product. That is Escort Max 360. Escort Max 360 is nearly reach the perfect performance. That is the best detection system. Detection system from Escort Max 360 include a lot of effective features. Those are Escort Live community sharing, GPS , auto learn technology , Digital Signal Processing. A lot of great things comes to you if you purchase this radar detector.

First you won’t fear radar speed gun anymore. Because you will know if there is a radar speed gun ahead with the longest distance. How Escort Max 360 can do that. By developing one of the best feature at this time, Digital signal processing technology. A radar detector with DSP technology can extend their range to maximum. Maximum distance means you have a lot of time to decrease your speed , change the route. Everything seem easy when you own this radar detector.
Second , you will own one of the best detection feature at this time. Direction detection feature. Direction Detection feature is the most effective detection technology. Don’t trust me, let’s take a look at Max 360 review in famous radar detector forum at this time , you can see that expert vote five star for this feature. The simple reason is with that feature, you can detect what other radar detector can’t detect. That is exact location of the threats. With particular method, Escort Max 360 can track the placement of signal then it will show you by displaying the message in OLED display. Escort Max 360 OLED display will have 4 arrows for you. You can detect location of threats with 4 arrows. How it work. 4 arrows is 4 direction( up, down, left , right). OLED display will make any arrow become blue if that is the direction of radar speed gun. Escort Max 360 has 3 settings for this features.
The first setting is one arrow display. What does it means. As the name, Escort Max 360 only display one arrow which stand for the nearest threat for you. So the benefit of this setting  is you can know the location of the nearest radar speed gun and drive in other ways. You don’t want to worry about a lot of threats location. Let’s choose this setting, Escort Max 360 will solve your problem about threat location step by step
The second setting is multiple threat settings. With this feature, you can know your situation. How many threats you will have in this situation. Let’s I take an example for you. If you have 3 threats( 3 radar speed gun) in 3 directions : up , down, left. Escort Max 360 will show you exactly by turning light on 3 arrows : up arrow, down arrow and left arrow.
Third setting will only show the result from one bands. Example: If you choose K bands, the display of Escort Max 360 will only show direction arrow from K band.

Source: Radardetected

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