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Which Device Escort Live Can Work Perfectly

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Escort Live is the best app for detecting radar speed gun now. All you need to do is down load the app, connect with your GPS and then if any threats is near you, you can see in your smart phone display. Escort Live is simply the perfect real time application now. Why? Because Escort Live can show exactly which way you should go, which way you should avoid. Real time warning is what Escort Live can offer you. Escort Live not only give the best performance for you in detection but it also can help you removing all your false alert. How? By connecting with Global Positioning System, Escort Live can detect your placement and then use database from other user to decide to mark this is a false alert location or not. A false alert is the placement you should hear a lot of fake alert. It’s really hard for normal radar detector to detect it. But with Escort Live, Escort product can filter it easily. Another question is which radar detector can do . Let’s check this list. You will find out.

Escort Passport Max 2

First we will take a look at Passport Max 2 review. This radar detector is simply the top radar detector at this time. Why? Because Escort Passport Max 2 can solve you all problem with police device. This device can counter all police device with the easy way. With DSP technology, Escort Passport Max 2 can make the range become stronger and longer than any radar detector . At this time Escort Passport Max 2 really has no competitor ( except Escort Max 360 ) in radar detector industry. Another reason why you should buy this radar detector is Escort Live community sharing. This radar detector is one of the best radar detector has the best performance with Escort Live.
Escort Passport Max 2 has Bluetooth built – in so that this radar detector can connect to your smart phone easily. With Bluetooth built – in, Escort Live will give the maximum performance for you. Escort Live can help you detect those location which can have potential threat for you. Potential threat can include : police and police radar speed gun. Escort Live when combine with Escort Passport Max 2 will give you enough information about threats, dangerous road and so on. This real time warning is what Escort proud and when this real time warning combine with one of the best radar detector now. It will give you the perfect detection
If you don't believe me, just read Escort Passport Max 2 review in famous radar detector forum, you can see what I said is absolutely right

Escort Solo S3

Escort Solo S3 is one of the best cordless radar detector now and it can work perfectly with Escort Live. Escort Solo S3 is very convenient for some one who want to a portable device. Escort Solo S3 will give them the most flexible radar detector . In the past, cordless radar detector can’t give good performance as a corded radar detector. However with Escort Live, Escort Solo S3 reached a new level of detection. The level allows this radar detector can detect from anywhere in the world.   

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