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Which Device Escort Live Can Work Perfectly

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Escort Live is the best app for detecting radar speed gun now. All you need to do is down load the app, connect with your GPS and then if any threats is near you, you can see in your smart phone display. Escort Live is simply the perfect real time application now. Why? Because Escort Live can show exactly which way you should go, which way you should avoid. Real time warning is what Escort Live can offer you. Escort Live not only give the best performance for you in detection but it also can help you removing all your false alert. How? By connecting with Global Positioning System, Escort Live can detect your placement and then use database from other user to decide to mark this is a false alert location or not. A false alert is the placement you should hear a lot of fake alert. It’s really hard for normal radar detector to detect it. But with Escort Live, Escort product can filter it easily. Another question is which radar detector can do . Let’s check this list. You will find out.

Escort Passport Max 2

First we will take a look at Passport Max 2 review. This radar detector is simply the top radar detector at this time. Why? Because Escort Passport Max 2 can solve you all problem with police device. This device can counter all police device with the easy way. With DSP technology, Escort Passport Max 2 can make the range become stronger and longer than any radar detector . At this time Escort Passport Max 2 really has no competitor ( except Escort Max 360 ) in radar detector industry. Another reason why you should buy this radar detector is Escort Live community sharing. This radar detector is one of the best radar detector has the best performance with Escort Live.
Escort Passport Max 2 has Bluetooth built – in so that this radar detector can connect to your smart phone easily. With Bluetooth built – in, Escort Live will give the maximum performance for you. Escort Live can help you detect those location which can have potential threat for you. Potential threat can include : police and police radar speed gun. Escort Live when combine with Escort Passport Max 2 will give you enough information about threats, dangerous road and so on. This real time warning is what Escort proud and when this real time warning combine with one of the best radar detector now. It will give you the perfect detection
If you don't believe me, just read Escort Passport Max 2 review in famous radar detector forum, you can see what I said is absolutely right

Escort Solo S3

Escort Solo S3 is one of the best cordless radar detector now and it can work perfectly with Escort Live. Escort Solo S3 is very convenient for some one who want to a portable device. Escort Solo S3 will give them the most flexible radar detector . In the past, cordless radar detector can’t give good performance as a corded radar detector. However with Escort Live, Escort Solo S3 reached a new level of detection. The level allows this radar detector can detect from anywhere in the world.   

Best Real time Devices

Friday, November 20, 2015

Looking for real time device which is very useful for your car. Congratulation , you find great place, great article to tell you about it. Today with this article , I will show you two great devices that have real time network . Each product will have real time network for different purpose. That could be protection, That could be warning . That could be estimate what will happen to you. Let’s which’s device is in the list

1. Radar Detector

Radar detector is a very special device that can protect you from wasting money for police. If you own best radar detector , you’ve just save your money and time . There will be no speeding ticket . There will be safe for you. You can choose radar detector from those brands: Escort , Beltronics or Valentine One. They are the best radar detector brands now . If you choose them, you will have more chance to detect police device and have more time to run away from police .
Don’t even think about buying cheap radar detector. Buying cheap radar detector will bring bads , annoys for you . How can we use a radar detector when it can’t detect within acceptable range. How can we use  a radar detector when it are not sensitive and it can’t detect any thing. How can we avoid police and their speed detection device with a useless radar detector.
If you buy a real time warning radar detector ( remember that only the best radar detector has this feature), you can see what happens everywhere in United States or Europe. Real time warning network of a radar detector will show threats. That data is collected from other user and you can trust them . This warning will be update in real time. That means when you update notification about this location . This information will be updated immediately in the community sharing. Top community sharing radar detector could be Escort ( Escort Live) and Cobra( Cobra Iradar ). If you choose Escort and Cobra , you can make sure that you never get any speed ticket

Real Time GPS

GPS is a great device which can show destination , current location for you . Choosing a GPS with real time map will be very good for you. Why ? Because you will know exactly where you are and Is there anything wrong in the way you drive. The most expensive Real time gps is only about $100 - $200. It is cheaper but more effective than smartphone map.  With a high end GPS device which stick to your car, you never get lost. Real time GPS will make sure it work perfectly and accurately . The satellite support this device so you trust the accuracy of GPS device.

Top GPS device can show you the fast way to go to your destination. When you drive in highway and don’t know which way is good for you. GPS device can help you check information and give the best suggest for you . Remember that only top GPS device can show you those great suggest. Cheap GPS will disturb with bad suggestion. 

Review Escort Max 360 – Newest Escort Radar Detector

Saturday, November 7, 2015

When Escort Passport Max 2 is released , expert will said this radar detector is the maximum Escort can do. With high performance , Escort Passport Max 2 will make you happy when driving in long or short road. Escort Passport Max 2 is really different from the others.  Escort Passport Max 2 nearly don’t have false warning . False warning is what people really afraid about radar detector . No driver want to hear that sound. With false warning , radar detector will make custom dissatisfied and that is the main reason why driver don’t use this radar detector any more. How ever Escort Passport Max 2 can help you solve that problem . With a collection of false warning detection system , Escort Passport Max 2 can check exactly whether this alert is false or exact . If it is a false , Escort Passport Max 2 will automatically filter out them with a lot of great function like GPS , community sharing and auto learn . While GPS can solve the problem false alert based on your current location , auto learn will do like it’s name . That means auto learn will automatically turn off false alert and detect right alert . If the location is not GPS database , that is the time of auto learn.
So with a lot of great feature, experts believe that Escort Passport Max 2 is the most perfect radar detector which is made by Escort . However , they are wrong. At the end of 2015, Escort released another superstar . The name of this superstar is Escort Max 360 . Inherit from Escort Passport Max 2 and had developed a lot . This radar detector is what people need to own if they want to take advantage with the game between them and police device. So let check Escort Max 360 review to find out.

Max 360 review

Max 360 stand for 360 degree protection . Escort Max 360 will bring for you a special service which can protect you 360 degree. However 360 degree protection will be useless if a radar detector don’t have a good range detection . If you worry about that, Escort Max 360 can solve it for you . Max 360 really is the best solution for detecting from long range. With DSP system , Escort Max 360 can receive signal from best range you’ve seen . Max 360 is the solution for any driver who want to detect from long range and have 360 degree protection.

Direction Detection

Look at Escort Max 360 review in some famous website, you will know that Escort has updated a great feature which can tell all information you need about radar detector . That is direction detection . Do you feel that this feature is very familiar. Of course , this feature is very popular for Valentine One V1 and now it is available in Escort Max 360 radar detector. Let see this feature can help Max 360 become the best radar detector.

Max 360 directional detection will show information about police placement . Whenever Max 360 makes false alert . This radar detector will also display the arrows image to let you which direction of threats. Those arrows is very accurate so you can trust them. Valentine One V1 only has 3 direction detection :  beside , up and down, Max 360 has 4 arrows : up, down, left , right . That means you can have perfect detection and reprehensive information about your threats.

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