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Will People Forget About Escort Passport Max 2

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Escort Max 360 has been released in October 2015. Escort Max 360 has all best features from Escort Passport Max 2 . So driver will stop buying Passport Max 2 . The answer is no. Escort Passport Max 2 still one of the best seller now in Amazon or Ebay. The reason could be price of this product. Escort Max 360 has all features of Escort Passport Max 2 and it is more expensive than Passport Max 2 . As you can see , Escort Passport Max 2 cost about $500 while Escort Max 360 will cost about $650. That means you will pay $150 for directional detection. Some driver don’t need arrow directional detection . Because they only want to know the appearance or the existence of police and radar gun. They don’t need to know exact location of them . So Escort Passport Max 2 is still one of the top option for driver . Here are some other reason why you still buy this this radar detector .( We collect information from passport max 2 review article in famous radar detector review website . You can trust our information)

Reason 1: One of the longest range radar detector

You don’t believe that Escort Passport Max 2 is one of the longest radar detector . Let look at some review website. Escort Passport Max 2 can reach 1.5 miles in the best condition . What does the distance means? It means you can know ahead 1.5 miles what going on ahead . There is a police or not . Please remember that. Only the best radar detector can do that . With the best range like that , we aren’t surprised that’s why Escort Passport Max 2 is one of the top radar detector now .

Reason 2: Best False Alert Filter System

What make Escort Passport Max 2 better than Valentine One. That should be accurate detection. In some survey , driver said that Valentine One can have better detection performance but it have more false alert than Escort Passport Max 2 .  Escort Passport Max 2 can guarantee you have almost accurate detection ( sometimes the accurate rate is 100%). Valentine One is one of the best option but It can’t keep you feel satisfied like Escort Passport Max 2. That is a reason why Escort Passport Max 2 is the radar detector best seller .

First, one of the best false alert filter feature is GPS. GPS will be stick to Escort Passport Max 2 . GPS will combine with database of Escort Passport Max 2 which is called database defender. With great couple , you can easily know which location has false alert. Second , GPS can combine with auto learn technology. This technology will automatically mark location which has false alert for you . Next time , those location will be automatically filter out . You won’t hear the false alert sound again . Really convenient .So do you know why Escort Passport Max 2 is still useful for driver. If you want to learn more about this radar detector , let read at

Max 360 New Hope For Escort

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Max 360 is not only a radar detector but it also a new hope for Escort . Escort Max 360 has best features of Escort . This radar detector is really can do better than older Escort superstar. Valentine One – the best opponent of Escort Radar detector . Valentine One is one of the best radar detector because of the threat directional detection. Only Valentine One had it in the past so this radar detector really the radar detector king for a long time. Now everything has changed with Escort new product. Escort Max 360 released with a big update . That is directional detection features. This features is not only owned by Valentine One but it also owned by Escort Max 360 .  Max 360 really can do best at update new feature for their new product. Let’s check best features of this radar detector to know why this radar detector is a new hope for Escort .

Max 360 Long Range Detection

First in this Escort Max 360 review, we will check the range of this radar detector . This radar detector has a same range detection like Escort Passport Max 2 . Max 360 really can do as good as Max 2. Escort Max 360 has DSP technology. This technology full name is digital signal processing. DSP really make a radar detector become better than other which don’t have this technology. DSP can make Max 360 reach 1 miles . That is impossible number in the past. But now with DSP technology, nothing is impossible. 

Max 360 Bands

Escort Max 360 can detect almost bands in America . That is X band, K band and wide Ka band. It also can detect laser . With DSP , laser is not a threat any more for driver. Escort Max 360 can detect laser from great range while the cheap radar detector only can detect it from short range. Escort Max 360 has sensitivity switch for you or it can automatically do it. Escort Max 360 can switch between city and highway ( highway often give more false alert than city). So you don’t need to worry about the false alert because of Escort Max 360 sensitivity.

Max 360 Threat Directional Detection

This is really a big update from Escort. Escort Max 360 has same features like Escort Passport Max 2 and the big update of this radar detector come from this feature. With threat directional detection, you can know exactly location and direction of radar speed gun and police . You can drive in other way when direction alert warn the way you drive is dangerous or you just only slow down speed . With threat directional detection , Escort Max 360 becomes a perfect radar detector . It has almost best features from Escort Passport Max 2 and now it has the best feature of Valentine One. It is really hard to beat Escort now . Other radar detector brands should have new feature or at least they need to have directional detection system to keep up with Escort radar detector brand.

Difference Between DSP 9200 BT And Others

Sunday, October 18, 2015

 Cobra DSP 9200 BT is a new advance radar detector of Cobra. This radar detector will give you a ultimate protection from police and radar gun. Cobra DSP 9200 BT made by newest technology . Almost features is made by military standard . Cobra 9200 BT DSP is the combine of the best factors of Cobra product . DSP 9200 BT really a brightest star among cobra product. Let check this radar detector review

Band Detection

As previous Cobra product, Cobra DSP 9200 BT is really good at detection. It has great performance on almost bands in America. That is X, K, Ka bands. DSP 9200 BT is really a ideal option for someone who live in America . It doesn’t detect Ku band which is only used for Europe . That’s why this radar detector is really the good option when you often drive in America. Cobra DSP 9200 BT doesn’t detect VG-2 and Spectre in Virginia and Washington DC . But it is a not problem. Let think about it, your radar detector will be useless when just detecting but not undetectable with VG-2 and Spectre. That is how Cobra DSP 9200 BT. Cobra DSP 9200 BT has VG-2 undetectable . That means radar detector detector in Virginia and Washington Dc will be useless with Cobra DSP 9200 BT . Radar detector detector will become useless because they can’t detect you and you are completely invisible with those device. That is a good news for you but a bad news for laws enforcement team. You should know that when ever you are caught with a radar detector in Virginia . You should pay more than a speeding ticket. Now with Cobra DSP 9200 BT one of the best radar detector , you can solve this problem easily.   

DSP Technology

DSP (digital signal processing) is an advance technology . This technology will allow you to detect longer and more accurate . DSP is first developed of Escort and now Cobra own it’s technology . Cobra DSP will make sure that you have more time to decide slow or stop your vehicle . The longer range your radar detector have, the more time you have to decide . DSP is the great way for avoiding all obstacle in your road . DSP not only make a longer range but it also make your detection become more accurate. With DSP , you are possible to reach nearly 100% accurate. DSP will automatically filter false signal. You will receive a lot of benefit from this technology.

Cobra Iradar

With a radar detector , you should update it once a month . But update database will not enough. Nowadays , police hide in someplace which is very hard to detect . Cobra know this situation and develop a great feature. This feature called Cobra Iradar community sharing. With this feature , you can receive the message from other Escort user . This message will show location of police and his radar gun. Although police can hide in undetected place, with Cobra Iradar community sharing you can easily know those place by receiving report from other Cobra user.

Cobra XRS Series

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Radar detector is useful device for anybody. But don’t you know that radar gun is not allowed in some states. That is Virginia and Washington DC. In those states , there is a team called enforcement laws team. Their mission is catch the radar detector user . How can they catch you for using radar detector. They use a counter device which can know exactly if you use radar detector or not. This device name is radar detector detector. Radar detector detector can detect all kinds of radar detector . That means your device will not only be useless but it is also dangerous factor that can make you pay more money. So you need a solution for that . The solution for Virginia and Washington DC states . Do you want to know that solution. We have Cobra XRS series for you . Cobra XRS radar detector is the best radar detector for Virginia and Washington DC. Let’s check why.

14-15 bands Detection

Here is the reason why Cobra XRS series is the best solution for those state which doesn’t allow for using radar detector . Cobra XRS series can detect VG-2 and spectre( the bands of radar detector detector ) . If you can detect those bands, that means you can avoid it . All product of Cobra XRS series has the best performance on bands detecting.  They can detect almost bands in the world: X bands, K bands, Ka band in America . Ku band in Europe especially VG-2 and spectre. That is the difference between Cobra XRS and other radar detector . Other radar detector will fear VG 2 and spectre . They won’t and police fear this kind of radar detector . No radar gun bands Cobra XRS series can’t detect

Laser Detection

Laser is a plus for this radar detector . Laser detection is only for high end radar detector in the past. But now with the advance technology , Cobra XRS series has a lots cheap product which has great performance in detecting laser radar gun. Cobra XRS 9770 is the one like that. It is great at laser detection. Detecting radar gun from long range is no problem with Cobra XRS 9770 .
If you want to know more about this radar detector , click here to find out

Invisible To VG2 and Spectre

Not only does Cobra XRS series can detect radar detector detector but it also can be invisible with those devices. Let’s think about it. It’s so useless when you can detect VG-2 and Spectre but you can’t avoid it by detecting. You should have a unique features to completely become invisible and undetectable by the radar detector detector. Cobra XRS series will provide you this features. This features will make you safe and never worry about radar detector detector.  All you need is focus on driving not on police and radar gun. Let’s Cobra help you.

Escort Redline vs Escort Passport Max 2

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Radar detect is a part of a car. You can’t buy a car without a radar detector in America. It will be a mistake . Why ? Because in America now, you will face a lots threats.  One of them is speeding detection device . This device is used by police and it will take all of your money at the end of the month. Escort seem like the top leader of radar detector market. They had 2 great product . It’s Escort Red line and Escort Passport Max 2 . Those product can protect you 360 degree and make different with other product . If you don’t want to see speeding ticket again, choosing those 2 Escort product will never be a bad option.  All of them is the best radar detector in the different way. Let’s check it

Escort Redline – The Longest Range Radar Detector

Looking for some best radar detector in long range detection. Escort Redline never make you disappointed . The way it detect is really different . It can detect from the long range which no radar detection can reach Escort Redline limit. Long range detection means enough time for deciding . A radar detector with long range detection will make you comfortable and satisfied . Escort Red Line is the one like that.
Escort Redline is very sensitive at detecting bands. All bands in America except VG-2 and spectre  aren’t problems with Escort Red Line . It can detect X bands, K bands , Ka bands. Don’t worry about VG-2 and spectre detection, Escort Redline are completely invisible with radar detector detector . It has VG2 and spectre undetectable technology.
The weakness of this product is false alert filter system . False Alert Filter of Escort Red Line is not good. It has too many false alert because it lack of newest features like GPS and community sharing ( this product does not compatible with Escort Live community sharing).      
Click here to check more this product

Escort Passport Max 2 – Perfect Radar Detector

What does a perfect radar detector  need? A long range detection, vary bands detection and effective false alert filter system. That is how a perfect radar detector need. And if you are looking for something like that, why you don’t use Escort Passport Max 2 . It has everything I told you. Although the range of Escort Passport Max 2 is not better than Escort Red Line . It still one of the longest range radar detector . This radar detector can save from long range and make you confident when driving . That is a good news for any driver.
About the bands detection. Escort Passport Max 2 can detect all bands in America : X, K , Ka . Laser detection make Escort Passport 2 become one of the famous radar detector . Laser is very tough for other radar detector but with Escort Passport Max 2 , it can be detected easily . By DSP ( digital signal processing) , Escort Passport Max 2 can detect laser from long range  . What make Escort Passport Max 2 different with Escort Redline . That should be community sharing. A technology allowed user to receive and share radar gun information.

Click here to read more about Passport Max 2 review

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