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New Cobra Radar Detector Review

Saturday, September 19, 2015

As you know Cobra is one of the best radar detector brand now. Cobra not only give customer the best radar detector but it also give the best price for customer. Cobra is the brand which is famous for detection performance . Cobra product can detect all bands in America and laser radar speed gun.  Cobra don’t have a longest range detection like Escort or Valentine One product. But the average range of cobra product is still good. What features make Cobra different? That is really false alert filter . No radar detector which has the same price can do better than Cobra product . So cheap price and false alert filter are what make Cobra product unique.
In 2015, Cobra give customer two new radar detector . All of them has different way to approach customer. But as a legacy of Cobra brands, Those are the best cheap radar detector. Let take radar detector review right now with Cobra SPX 7800 BT and Cobra XRS 9570

Cobra SPX 7800 BT Review

 Cobra SPX 7800 BT is the newest superstar of Cobra SPX 7800 BT. It is really different with other radar detector . First and the most different from Cobra SPX 7800 BT is cheap. That cheap is very unbelievable . Can’t you believe it. With just $180 you will buy a radar detector with newest features like red light detection, community sharing and a lot of new function.


As I said before, Cobra brands is not good at long range detection. That is really not a good point to one of the best range now. But with Cobra SPX 7800 BT . Everything has changed. Cobra SPX 7800 BT has one the best detection technology now. That is DSP ( digital signal processing). Although it can’t be good like Escort Passport Max 2. But it still a big improvement of Cobra brands. With this military technology , Cobra SPX 7800 BT will make accurate range and longer range than a lots radar detector in the market.

Community Sharing Function

Community sharing is the features of dream for any driver. With community sharing , you will get all notification for a real time. That means with Cobra SPX 7800 BT , you will have full protection for real time. And a great news for Cobra brands. That is this radar detector will have free community sharing. That means you don’t have to pay for this function

Cobra XRS 9570

Cobra has new product series in last year . That is XRS series. What different from this series to SPX series. That is the bands detection. While SPX series only detect for  X, K, Ka bands. Cobra XRS 9570 can detect all bands in America and Europe. Those are X, K, Ka, Ku bands and RDD (radar detector detector bands) is not the problem for this radar detector

Do you know that in America, Virginia and Washington DC is bands which does not allow for radar detector. When they catch you using radar detector, you should pay a lots. That how cobra XRS 9570 comes to you. This radar detector will show the best way to be invisible with it  . With Spectre and VG2 undetectable function, you can drive easily in Virginia and Washington DC.
Source : Radar Detected

Radar Detector – The Best Option For Avoiding Speed Ticket

Monday, September 14, 2015

As you can see, Radar detector become million industry . A lot of radar detector brands is born. A hundred of product are made . That show you how important of this industry. Why radar detector become more and more necessary for driver. Let answer a question. Do you hate the speed ticket and do you love money . If you said yes, you will know why. Because radar detector can do both things: help you avoid speed tickets and save your money. A big amount of money. I think that description is not enough for you. Let take more review of radar detectors.

What is Radar Detector?

First and the most important how does radar detector save you from the police and radar speed gun. Just by use technique which is the same as radar gun. Radar detector will receive a special wave whenever a radar speed gun is near you . The range of a radar detector is vary. It based on how good your radar detector brand is. You should buy a famous brands such as Escort, Valentine One , Cobra, Beltronics. Don’t pay for cheap money because it’s use less . You should buy above $150 radar detector. I think that’s not a big amount. That is the same as average cost of speed ticket for a month in America. So why don’t you purchase a radar detector for avoiding speed ticket.

How Can I Choose The Best Radar Detector

 The best radardetector now is not easy to find. You should go through a lot of website. Read the review. Check the specification , the pros and cons , radar detector communities. A lot of thing you need to do to take the best radar detector. But today you are very lucky. I will show you the ways, you can choose the best radar detector

1.Look For Website Review

Nowadays , Finding a website review is very easy.But finding a good website is another story. Radar detector review website is so much. But the good one is just a small amount. is the small amount. This website has all information you looking for. A clearly review, exact review. No ads and very friendly with user .  Radar detected not only show you radar detector review but it also show the buying guide, the comparison of radar detector.

2.Look for long range radar detector

In a report in 2015, Best radar detector 2015 are product which can detect from very long range like : Passport Max 2, Valentine One V1, Whistler Cr90, Passport Max 9500 IX. All of them have a good range. Radar detector which can detect long range will give you more time to decide ,to slow down your car. So long range is our priority when buying a radar detector.

3. False Alert Filter

False Alert Filter is a advance feature which is only available for high end radar detector. With false alert filter, you don’t need to worry anything about your radar detector. Normal radar detector will make you confused with a lot and a lot false warning. But that is not problem when buy a radar detector which can have good false alert filter. No more worry , no more confused
Source: Radardetected


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