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Garmin Approach S2 – Simply Make Your Game Easier

Sunday, February 11, 2018

GYou are a beginner of golf. You have a lot trouble in learning golf rules and showing your skills. You don’t know what you need to do at the green field and you need a solution for all these troubles. You should come to an online shopping platform or visit a supermarket to purchase what I’m going to tell you right now. That is one of the best golf GPS watch at the market right now – The Garmin Approach S20. Let’s see outstanding features of this great devices.

User-friendly Interface

One of the biggest problem with golf rangefinder or golf gps watch is the way people use it. People seems feel uncomfortable with the way other golf GPS watch or golf rangefinder design. The user experience of other devices are terrible. Garmin Approach S20 change this mindset. Let’s see what they do. They invest a large and high-definition display. It has a 4k quality which you cannot see on other golf GPS watch. The way it arrange icons or application is very friendly. According to Garmin Approach report, they have positive feedbacks with the display.

Large Database

The big difference which determine the unique of golf GPS watch is the database on this gadget. With more than 45000 preloaded course data, you can have all information about golf in your hand. Information about golf course is very important. Let’s me give you an example about this. According to golfer reports, one of the main reason for losing a game is that the golfer are not familiar with the new golf course. There are a lot hidden obstacles they can’t estimate. Golf course database is what you should look for. Golf course data will help you find out common mistakes in that golf course and you can avoid it easily. Of course, there are many golf GPS watch which can have this feature but if you compare the quality and quantity of other device’s data with Garmin Approach S20, you will have a big reason to choose Garmin Approach S20. 45000 golf course database is the greatest amount which a golf GPS watch own and that golf GPS watch is Garmin Approach S20
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Who Tends The Flag In Golf Playing?

Monday, February 5, 2018

Long ago, people have been using flagstick as an easily visible indicator for golf players to determine their golf holes. However, nowhere in the Rule 17, titled “The Flagstick”, does give any exact information about which acts are allowed and which acts are prohibited in a round of golf.
Obviously, if the book of rules attempted to explain any possible purposes and reasons, it would no longer be a pocket-sized book. So here, in brief, are the reasons behind the flagstick rules that generally happen in a match. This golf instruction article will show you overview about these rules

Flagstick’s original use

Any player within striking distance must be well aware of their golf hole location. Therefore, all courses are supposed to provide the use of flagstick in a match and anything else that can help the players easily determine their goals. For visible purpose, golf players from off the green can have the flagstick left in the hole or held up over to see it clearly

Strict rules and etiquette related to flagstick

Unlike billiards, golf players on the putting green are required to roll the ball into the cup installed at the bottom of the flagstick without bouncing the flag off or anything else. Therefore, if you make your shot whilst on green and the ball hits the flagstick, you will take a 2-stroke penalty.
Besides, there’s a scoring system in golf called match-play (as opposed to stroke-play) where you are allowed, without any penalty, to strike any other player’s ball on the green. As a result, in match-play, nearly almost golfers on the green mark and lift their ball up after each stroke.
On the other hand, in stroke-play, if you dishonestly ask your partner, or a conspiratorial caddie, to intentionally deflect other golfers’ ball direction by manipulating or laying the flagstick. The penalty will be the loss of that hole for match-play and two strokes added to your score for stroke-play.

Other distractions

On a large course, the golf players are said to be easily negatively affected by any visual distraction. Therefore, it’s considered a breach of rules if you attend, hold the flagstick or lift it up without any authorization to do so; this is absolutely against the stipulation of Rule 17. Another instance of distraction is that people absent-mindedly attend the flagstick while the ball is played from off the green; reversely, thatpeople don’t attend or lift the flag up while the ball is played on the green; the two instances will result in a 2-stroke penalty for the player.
In short, to put Rule 17 in neat, below are some important reminders before taking a round of golf, especially in professional golf.
·                 You have the right to have the flagstick lifted from any location
·                 You won’t be penalized if you strike the flagstick with a ball played from off the green
·                 If you strike the flagstick with the ball struck from on the green, you are responsible for a 2-stroke penalty or you have to lose your score on that hole
If you don’t have authority, you’re not allowed to attend any flagstick for anyone (But if you do so and no one disagrees before the stroke, then no one can protest afterwards)
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History Of Golf

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

There are many sports which are famous for their strength, endurance and fierce competition such as boxing or free material arts and so on. However, there are sports which is professional, gentle and interesting such as golf. 

Golf is a ancient sport lasting until now. It has developed and adopted to suit our era. Golf is a sport using clubs to hit balls into many holes from a far distance on different terrains. Many people believed golf originated from Scotland. However, historians still debate on real history of golf. 

Games using sticks and balls appeared in 2600 BC in central Egypt. In many ancient tombs, people found out some pictures and relives showing men with sticks and balls. Name of this sport is still unknown, however, people assume it has been brought  to Mediterranean by trading. 

Ancient Greek continued traditional game with balls and had many relives describing a sport similar to hokey.  

Researchers links golf with Paganica-an ancient Roman game, in which a wooden ball or feather ball was hit by wooden sticks. Roman balls was bigger than today golf balls, their diameter was about 15cm. Aim of Paganica was hitting the ball into a pointed goal, a rock or a tree. 

All historians agreed the word 'golf' diverted from ancient German word 'colf' or 'colve' which means a stick used in a game with ball named kolven.

People believe Scotch added holes on ground to this game and changed rules of it. They turned it into a personal game.
The game with stick and ball became popular in England in early 1500s and was considered a game of dominant class. 

In Europe, modern golf was first recorded on the second of March 1672 in east Lothian, Scotland. 

Nearly 200 years later, 18 hole golf course standard was created in St Andress, Scotland. Actually, it was dropped down from 22 hole golf course. It was not recognized until 17 of October 1860, the day the first golf tournament was held - Open golf tournament- in Ayrshire. 
For more information about golf rules, you can visit here

What Is Solutions For Less Stifling Metropolis In HCMC?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

In terms of improving quality of life in Ho Chi Minh City, there are a lot of different ideas come up with by the young Vietnamese people.
Le Ngoc Hanh, a native of Binh Duong Province, approximately 30 kilometers from the city, expresses a hope to make this city less stuffy as well as improve quality of life. Let to pay attention in the honesty shares of this girl.

Over the past several years, she saw shuttle buses carrying staffers and workers between Ho Chi Minh City and industrial parks in Binh Duong during the morning rush hour.
Many young people choose to in the southern industrial hub though they have to commute to work in these places as Binh Duong and Dong Nai Province.
When Ho Chi Minh is facing on the increasingly influx of commuters, people here are similar to stranded in hours with a lot of vehicles as well as dust, polluted air,…In addition, hospitals are full with a huge number of patients while schools have been coped with a massive migration boom. With a explosion in number of students enrolled in risen in recent years, it had pushed a big problems for authorities in HCM.
 She shares that she is not a Ho Chi Minh resident, but she is impressed that this city has been overloaded.
Sometimes, she travels back and forth between Binh Duong and HCMC. Although she is excited to came there, she always want to escape the hustle and bustle of this big city and the obsessive images of large bundles of electricity wires overhead.
Along with the luxurious mansions in HCMC, it is a home of many domestic migrants with a “changing life” dream. Many farmers leave their hometown to HCMC and they lives in slums in slums in the overcrowded, expensive metropolis. Some of them can do business by collecting and selling scratches or becoming a small vendor,…while the others stay at home and take care of children. Their children don’t have a chance to go to school so they probably have the same future as their parents.
Compare to her hometown, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province, streets are wide and quite. There are many vacant seats in modern buses while a large number of apartments in high-rises is unoccupied. Moreover, the atmosphere is very fresh with a lot of green trees.
There are many places for entertainments such as parks, coffee shops, shopping malls, especially golf courses. After the success of the Vietnam golf team in sea game, people seem to pay more attention to this sport. As you can see, more and more golf clubs are built.
This city is home of nearly 10 million residents and it is in the progress of developing its substancial quality of life.
The administration must discuss master plans regarding HCMC problems have to face several years with the increase in the number of immigrant residents.
In her opinion, we should move a number of HCMC temporary and permanent city residents into Binh Duong and Dong Nai province. To make this come true,  the transportation need to be modern and flexible.
If we solve this problem, HCMC will relieve its burden. On the other hand, this would also help create the balance between the metropolis and neighboring provinces. It also reduces many problems arising in HCMC and many other nearby cities will become better places to live.
We can learn from lesson in Bangkok. Their city is so clean and beautiful. Most of residents lives in the nearby provinces or their hometown while they works in Bangkok. Could we make the same lessons for HCMC? This is a big question that need a lot of time to answer and a lot of effort from the authorities.
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The Popularity Of Golf In Viet Nam

Monday, November 6, 2017

Golf has recently gained popularity among adults not only over the world but also in Vietnam. In this blog, let’s discover the top five impressive golf clubs and golf rules in Vietnam.

Number 1. Da Lat Palace Golf Club, the oldest golf club in Vietnam. Located in romantic and beautiful scenery in Da Lat city, this club is also famous for its history. It was designed by a well-known architecture E. H├ębrard in 1923 under the King Bao Dai. It was then upgraded in 1990, and from then it is known as one of the greatest courses with 18 holes in Vietnam. The golf course here is designed with many various terrains such as sloop, water areas, tree, which are really impressive.
Number 2. Vinpearl Da Nang Golf Club. It is a 18-hole ground with above 150 ha in Da Nang, the most worthy city to live in Vietnam. Basing on the geography of a coastal city, the golf course here is designed with sand, marshy land, forest, and even sea creatures.  Besides, due to the location, golf players can admire the view of surroundings while playing golf. That may be the reasons why Vinpearl Da Nang Golf club annually attracts thousands of members.
Number 3. Vinpearl  Nha Trang Golf Club- the most challenging club in Vietnam. Located in Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang Province, it became Vietnam's first international standard golf course. This golf ground brings unforgettable experience for players when it is sited in the romantic valley, nearby a long white sand of 800 meters. The length of the course is approximately 7,000 yard with the total area of over 182 ha. The tee box is almost in the upper area, which helps players have excellent vision for hits.
Number 4. Another Vinpearl Group’s golf club is listed here. That is Phu Quoc Golf Club. Located in the complex of Phu Quoc Resort and Villas, it is well known for the view when architectures took advantages of the nature here. The course is equipped with 27 holes, and the area of over 100 ha with endless greens and impressive terrains. Golfers would feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are embraced by the nature, by sun, wind, white sand and greens here.
Number 5. Located in Ho Chi Minh city, Golf & Country Club is well known for events or golf matches held here. Golf & Country Club, originally called Thu Duc Golf Club, is divided into 2 wards: East and West. There are 18 holes in each ward with about 72 kinds of clubs. Designed by a Taiwan architecture, the club opened in December, 1994 with the area of over 300 ha. The club attracts around 500 players on weekends. Here is also the place to organize Vietnam’s first extended non-professional tournament.
Besides the top five famous golf clubs mentioned above, there are many other clubs being designed across Vietnam to meet the demand of golf players nowadays. I then believe that there are more impressive clubs in the future. Let’s enjoy golf now!
Source: Mr Reviewers

Why You Should Drink Beer?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

If you want to find some reasons to enjoy beer every day. This article will give some of them. Let's check

Prevent From Bone Crashing

Do you want to avoid problems related to bone such as bone crashing. Then, you can find one reason to drink beer every day. According to Australia research, maize found in beer can strengthen your bone effectively. In this report, they also said that 50 percent of beer lover have lower risk related to bones than others. That is a strong evidence why beer is good drink for our health. 

Reduce Risk Related To Heart Disease

You will feel strange if you hear this news but beer can prevent you from heart diseases such as heart attack. Maize is the main factor which can help you prevent from the risk. Suffering heart attack will be reduced dramatically if you take few minutes to drink a cup of beer every day. In the past, people misunderstand beer and think that beer will affect your heart badly. In fact, it will make your heart better if you drink little amount every day. Now you can change your view about beer and its benefits to your heart

Better Blood Process With Beer 

Blood process is a very important process in everybody's life. Every activity is related to this process. So, if you want your health to be improved, you will need to develop this process through the food you eat and what you drink. If you don't know which is the best food or drink for you, let's me give you a good advice for this. Let's be a beer fan because the ingredient in beer will help the blood process become better. To be exact, it will increase the heart rate with a comfortable volume and the pumping blood process from your heart will be more effective with the ingredient in beer such as maize or corn. Let's follow my advice and have a better health with beer, especially dark beer. Dark beer is not easy to drink for some people because it is bitter. However, dark beer is better than other beers because of the health benefits it brings to you
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Does Golf Require AnyThing?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Golf is the sport which is loved by millions of people in the world. Golf is also a sport which is easy to play and understand. However, if you want to master this sport, you need to meet some requirements. This article will show you these requirements.

Measurement Is The Key To Win A Golf Game

In other sports, speed, stamina or strength is the key to open a game. However, these factors are meaningless in golf. In fact, measurement ability will help you win any golf match. Measurement is the first and the most crucial factor in golf. The better measurement skill, the more chances you have to win a golf game. Let's me show you the difference between the one who masters this skill and the one who does not. First, mastering this skill will let you have a good vision and finding the perfect route to the final flag. As you know, you can have many routes to go to the final destination but there are advantages if you can avoid bad areas or difficult spot which will affect your score. Choosing the right route for your ball will make sure that you are on the right way to win the game or at least have the better score compared with other competitors.
Measuring skill can apply in many situations such as counting the distance from your place to the Golf Flag position, measuring the angle for the perfect shot or maybe finding the best way to escape a lake or a blind spot. If you have trouble in this skill, don't worry because all new golfers have the same problems like you. A support from a useful device like golf rangefinder will be helpful for you. Using this device can guarantee your shot will have more than 50 percent into the right position.

Don't Use Only One Golf Clubs

Golf Club is a part which we can't miss in a golf game. How you can play without a ball or how you can play tennis without a bracket. There is the same case as the Golf club. However, a common mistake was made by many people is that they only purchase a golf club for their golf course. In fact, you only use a golf club in perfect condition if you play it in the right situation. Long golf is only for the strong shot and short club is used for the chip shot. Therefore, to play well this sport, you need to buy a lot of golf clubs for many situations in a golf course.
 Source: Got Cool Tips

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